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RiWell (HK)Co.,Ltd --Jurong Riwell Electronic Co.,Ltd is called by a joint name for Jiangsu HaoYu Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd and RiWell company are the RiWell(HK) co.,Ltd.

Jiangsu HaoYu Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd which is a new and high-tech industry that specializes in researching and developing and producing 3D printers and 3D printing pens.Since the company set up, it has taken the road of innovating independently.In the first half year of 2013, the company produced the first desktop 3D printers in the price of thousands RMB, making a blockbuster to the whole world.In the end of 2013, it produced 3D printing pens of“MyRiWell”,“迈睿”and the firstly integrated ceramic heat nozzle in the world.Products were welcomed when they came into the market and had great evaluation by users all of the world. This made the company be a leader in the industry.The year of 2017 was defined as “The Year of Brand and Company in Culture ”, and publicized and promoted products in many ways. In March of 2017, we signed a contract with the famous actress called Ke Hu to be our ambassador for 3D printing pens of “MyRiWell”,“迈睿”. The company became the first company for 3D printing.In April, the first “MyRiWell”shop opened in the Huaqiang North Commercial Area in Shenzhen. In August, we set up the crews of a net play calledHello 迈睿!》 and made a comedy net play in the office of HaoYu. In November, we set up an office in Beijing. In December, we cooperated with “Fashion in Beijing” and held an event of “MyRiWell 3D Creative Cultivation Competition”......In the end of 2017, our company has the total quantity of 137 authorized patents at home and abroad(including the number of invention patents is about 50). We applied for registering “MyRiWell”,“迈睿”,“Magic Pen of Liang Ma” ,“Watermelon Tree”, “SILKWORM”,“思艾克” in the number of almost 160 in the more than 110 countries and places.

Our company has strong technical force and a lot of senior research staffs. The company is professional engaged in the exploitation and producing 3D printers and 3D printing pens or other kinds of electronic and electromechanical products, mould,plastic and rubber.The company has passed on ISO9001:2000 and others quality system. Our company has perfect equipment in machining ,mould,shaping plastics and assemble electronic products.We can provide the whole service from the exploitation and design to producing for our clients.(We also have independent sales company and abundant sales network to provide sales service for clients.) In this way,clients can save resources in human, material,energy and finance to win the best time for taking up the market.


producers of MyRiwell

Jurong RiWell Electronic Co.,Ltd which is responsible for exploiting “MyRiwell” 3D printer set up in 2004. The company is focused on designing the appearance of products and structures, making models ,mould, plastic shaped and exploit the relevant electronic software.We have many kinds of senior talented engineers in mechanical,mould, material, electronic and software. We served for LG(Korea), Panda Electronics Group,LAND WIND, Chery, Geely,Putian Telecommunications,PUKY(Germany),PANTHER(Germany),Pearl(Germany),Sirtek S.R.L(Italy),Baoneng(HK) and others over 100 companies in the whole world. Our company is welcomed by them.

The Story Of Innovation

MyRiwell makes the 3D printer in China from copying.

3D printers used were from the main brand “MakerBot” made in America and others homemade copied from “MakerBot” all the time.However, MyRiwell decided to take the road of independent research and development in the beginning. The company used the experience in the 3D printing area from 2006 and invested great money to organize the technological team for research. This made big breakthroughs in the end of 2012 and researched the lowest price domestic printing products by FDM technology.MyRiwell didn’t marketed the immature products after successful research.Products tested a lot of experiences and improved the design of software and hardware to make them be close to being mature. Products that designed and exploited independently of the appearance and structure, electronic circuits,electronic procedures and operations marketed in May,2013. They became the first 3D printers had independent intelligence property and made the 3D printers in China not copy any more!

The company innovated through continuous grope and developed. After the second generation 3D printing pens sold well,Jiangsu HaoYu Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd didn’t choose to stop because of the present honour,and researched the electronic parking number machine and the third generation printing pen which achieved the relevant national patents and leaded in the fashion of 3D printing. Developing quickly through the innovation.




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