Partner Conditions

The invest conditions of cooperation with “MyRiwell”.

1.People or incorporation that can undertake ability of civil responsibility.

2.Have the relevant ability of investment and awareness of venture.

3.Have the base initial fund,market experience, the strong awareness of managing and the confidence in developing together.

4.Have the good reputation and positive passion for starting up business.

5.Have the good ability of management , the high cooperative awareness and be good at the communication.

6.Have the belief in success and can develop continuously.

7.All the franchisees’ contracts must sign a one-year.
8.Franchisees have the awareness of brand and the foresight and plan for the long development.
9.Confirm our management philosophy and development goals, cooperate with our company to explore the market in China. 

10.Protect the benefits of the consumers and Jurong RiWell Electronic company, Jiangsu HaoYu Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd, and provide the good service for consumers.

Agent Policy

Agent consultation1.Agents consult us by telephone or emails when setting up.

          ↓                2.We advice you to call us in the daytime and email at night, we will respond you                                        as soon as possible.

Agent arrangement1. Make acquaintance with Jurong RiWell Electronic company, Jiangsu HaoYu Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd by interview, and know the steps of selling.
                                      2. RiWell Electronic has the information of agents by interview and confirm the qualification and information provided.Design the feasible reasons, plans and report to the head office.

Submit materials1.Agents must submit the relevant that required,such as The Application for Jurong RiWell Electronic Agent(filled by legal representative),The Research Report of Local Market and Plan for investing,Copy of Identification Card of Legal Representative.

                           2.The relevant licenses: business license, tax registration certificate and certificate of organization code. 

The first review review the materials provided ,agents can go into the agent review if pass the                                         first review.

Agent review Jurong RiWell Electronic Co.,Ltd will decide if the agents can take part in us if they                                     are passed by the relevant departments.

Agents training1.Agents must submit the agents training required by head office.

                              2. Finish the contract and paying during the training.

Sign the contractSignContract for Agentseach other.


Information announcementRiWell will announce the information of agents on the Internet.


 Dealers in China:the list is in no particular order

1.Mr Chen

2.Mrs Lin

3.Mr Yang

4.Mrs Zhang

5.Mr Sun

6.Mr Zhu

7.Mr Li

8.Mrs Dong        Shenzhen AiOuLuo Technology Co.,Ltd

9.Mr Jiang        Nanjing XinQuanSheng Trade

10.Mrs Liu          Shenzhen PuRuiXin Technology Co.,Ltd

11.Mr Li             Shandong Jinan XiangTian Company

12.Mr Zou          Guangzhou HonGen Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

13.Mr Chen        Guangzhou DeYinKe Technology Co.,Ltd

14.Mr Pan          Shenzhen LiHuaChen Technology Co.,Ltd

15.Mrs Liu          Beijing HouHeGu Education Technology Co.,Ltd

16.Mr Li             Zhongshan YuanDa Printing Equipment Co.,Ltd

17.Mr Chen        SiAo Industry Co.,Ltd

18.Mr Luo          Shenzhen GuoYu Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

19.Mr Li             Guangxi TuLinYun Technology Development Co.,Ltd

20.Mrs Li            Shenzhen DingXinYi Experience Equipment Co.,Ltd

21.Mrs Kang       RuePu Technology Co.,Ltd

22.Mrs Tan         Shenzhen SiYanXin Technology Co.,Ltd

23.Mrs Cai          YingMei Creation


Overseas dealers Russia      Ultrarobox LLC

Overseas dealers Russia      Ambertek Rus,LLC

Overseas dealers Russia

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Agent distribution global investment, please submit your relevant information, later will be the Commissioner to contact with you!

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