After-sales service policy

(Applicable to mainland China.)

Thank you very much for trusting and purchasing the "Myriwell" 3D printer provided by liwell group!Your support is the driving force for our enterprise to grow and grow!At the same time, if our products have caused you inconvenience, we apologize to you first!In the following after-sales service, we will try our best to reduce the inconvenience and influence to you!

In the process of product use, you may need to 3d model material, you are always welcome to our official website ( and micro letter platform ( of mass in the model library choose your favorite material, at the same time also welcome you in weibo ( to infuse water, post and share notes, upload and download data!

Next, to protect your consumption interests, and better use the company's products.Please read the following instructions carefully.

I. quality assurance service.

We offer the following services to you on the day of your purchase:

Note: first of all, we use the nearby service principle, if you have your home already has distributors, ( (after-sales outlets query)) when buying machine will get local distributor information, the local distributor will take the place of our company to provide service for you.If there are no local dealers, the service will be handled directly by the company.The following contents are dealt with in principle.

7 days no reason to return the goods: within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods, we will provide you with no reason to return the goods. If the goods are returned, the freight shall be borne by you.

Quality problem 7 days return:if the product is caused by non-human quality problem, we provide free return service within 7 days from the date of receipt, and bear the corresponding freight.

Quality issue 15 days:if the quality problem caused by non-human being caused by the product, we provide free replacement service within 15 days from the date of receiving the goods, and bear the round-trip freight.

365 days free repair:if the product for the causes of quality problems, within 365 days from the date of receipt, we provide free maintenance and free replacement parts service, round-trip freight shall be borne by you.

Lifetime warranty:from product purchase on the same day, due to the goods caused by the artificial damage or do not have free maintenance conditions (see article 3 "does not provide free warranty"), or at the end of the "365 days" free maintenance service. We offer a life-long maintenance and free consulting services, you can purchase spare parts for exchange, also can return to the company by the company for repair and maintenance service for you, but need to pay for related spare parts and maintenance costs, and pay the freight back and forth.

Two, seven days return,15 days to change goods instructions.

7 days no reason to return the goods:

Ensure that all items listed in the packaging and packing list are complete (if any gifts are returned with the gift), and the sales status will be maintained without affecting the second sales.(definition of secondary sales: including, but not limited to, product unpacking, electrification, or having been tried.)If any of the above conditions are not available, there will be no reason to return the service for 7 days.

"Quality issue 7 days return" and "quality problem 15 days to change goods" instructions.

After unpacking, make sure to check the packing list and check the flexibility of machine parts. If the quality problem is found, please provide the pictures or video information within 7 days to the after-sales department of the company or the local dealer, so that we can confirm. For non-artificial reason product quality problem, need to return, please ensure that the product packaging and packing list for the items listed in full (return if there is any gift please refund even gift together).

The damage caused by the logistics problem.

When you receive the product, please carefully check the integrity of the product, if discover there is damage to the outer packing, please do not sign for the goods, and timely contact with us, so that we can negotiate with the logistics company. If the product is found to be damaged after the receipt of the goods, according to article 3, "no free warranty shall be provided".

About return freight charges.

All the freight shall be borne by us, would you please pay first for postage to send back the company, after being confirmed, the company in the shortest possible time to refund your payment of freight, such as the cost of freight paid by you.

The company does not accept any freight at destination payment ,please choose the formal and economic logistics company, the company only undertakes not more than the initial delivery of the company freight amount.

The company will not provide return and replacement service.

The products are required to be complete with the complete package and the items listed in the packing list. If there is a defect, there is no refund or exchange service.

The product has obvious besmirch, artificial destruction to disassemble;

Non-product quality problems;

Unauthorized use of the original material of "myriwell/迈睿";

The product that has issued the invoice, does not accept the return, only has the replacement service.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble for you, please provide the picture of machine quality problem or video information before returning, so that we can confirm.

3. No free warranty is provided.

Products because of improper use, misuse, abuse, such as overload, natural wear and tear, improper maintenance and keeping, accident, fire, explosion, water spray, etc.) or natural disaster (such as lightning, earthquake, typhoon, etc.) caused by the fault or damage. Failure caused by improper use can not work properly.The fault caused by random gift configuration software system was destroyed due to misoperation.And other obvious faults caused by improper use, such as fluid injection, external force extrusion, crash, etc.

The symbol and part number of the product have been deleted or removed;

The product or component exceeds the warranty period;

Products due to improper installation, use, or used in abnormal working conditions (such as temperature too high or too low, too wet or dry, high altitude, voltage or current is not stable, low zero voltage is too large, etc.) caused by the fault and damage;

Products without warranty card and purchase certificate (e.g. invoice, receipt), or altered;

Failure or damage caused by other non-product quality problems (such as damage caused by poor transport).

In this case, you should seek solutions from the responsible party. We do not accept any responsibility for this.Because not within the scope of the warranty period or the warranty parts, accessories or software products cannot be used properly, the fault is not warranty scope, such issues shall be stipulated in the relevant warranty by updating the repair of these components, accessories and software solutions.The normal decolorization, wear and consumption of the product is not the fault in the warranty scope.