Cooperation investment conditions Cooperation investment conditions of "Myriwell".

  • 1A natural person with independent capacity for civil liability or an enterprise legal person who bears civil liabilities independently.
  • 2Have the corresponding investment ability and risk consciousness.
  • 3Have certain start-up capital, market experience, have strong business sense, common development confidence.
  • 4Have good reputation foundation and positive entrepreneurial passion.
  • 5Have good management ability, have a high sense of team cooperation, good at cooperation and communication.
  • 6Have a successful belief and continuous development.
  • 7All franchisee contracts are signed annually
  • 8Franchisee has a brand awareness,and long-term vision and plan.
  • 9Identify with the company's business philosophy and development goals, and wish to join hands with the company to explore the market together.
  • 10To protect the interests of consumers and the company, jiangsu haoyu electronic technology co., LTD., to provide quality service to customers.

The agent policy

  • The agent information
    The agent opens the business through telephone, email consultation agency details.
    It is suggested that daytime phone consultation should prevail, and E-mail can be sent at night, and the staff will reply in the first time.
  • The agent to negotiate
    Through the interview (regional network management department) agents will understand Jiangsu haoyu electronic technology co., LTD., and how the company will sell the products.
    Understand the agent's information through interview, confirm the agent qualification and the materials required, design the feasibility reason, operation plan, and report to the head office.
  • Submit the material
    Agent should submit relevant materials required the will appliances of jurong agent application form (this form is filled out by a legal person), the local market survey and the investment plan, the legal person id photocopy.
    Related certificates: business license, tax registration certificate, address institution code certificate.
  • A preliminary review
    The materials provided by the agency and the agent, if approved, may enter the nuclear batch phase at the headquarters of the company.
  • Agent approved
    After approving the approval of relevant departments, Liwell will decide whether to agree to agent.
  • The agent training
    The agent must be trained according to the requirements of headquarters.
    During the training, the signing, payment and other matters are completed.
  • signing
    The parties sign the contract of agents.
  • Information announcement
    Liwell publishes information about agents throughout the network.


Domestic dealer

  • Mr. Jiang Nanjing xin quansheng trade.
  • Ms. Liu Shenzhen puruixin technology co. LTD.
  • Mr. Li Shandong jinan xiangtian company.
  • Mr. Zou Guangzhou Honya electronic technology co. LTD.
  • Mr. Chen Guangzhou deinke technology co. LTD.
  • Mr. Pan Shenzhen Lihuachen technology co. LTD.
  • Mr. Li shenzhen mingsheng electronic technology co. LTD.
  • Mr. Li Guangxi Turing cloud technology development co. LTD.
  • Ms.Kang Ruipu technology co. LTD.
  • Ms. Cai Yingmei creative
  • Mr. Chen Cixi Lanbo Printing Consumables Co., Ltd.

Overseas dealer