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Compariosn to determine the authenticity of MyRiWell 3D printing pen

Each product produced by MyRiWell has the only serial number, 

it just like the ID card. 

Don’t look down on the number just like the information of date of manufacture.

In fact, it is can verify the authenticity of product.

Now, let’s have a look.

MYRIWELL 3D Printing Pen(RP-100A)

MYRIWELL 3D Drawing Pen(RP-100B)

MYRIWELL 3D Drawing Pen(RP-100C)

MYRIWELL 3D Drawing Pen(RP-200B)

MYRIWELL 3D Drawing Pen(RP-200A)

After reading above,do you know how to verify the authenticity of 3D printing pen? 

Find the serial number and can  verify the authenticity  with

 extended warranty according to the above procedures. 

Please add our  watermelon tree and scan the QR code for registering and verifying.

 Refuse the pirate from both of us.


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