Front-page headlines of daily paper《Jiangsu HaoYu:Explore the Dream Way of “3D Printing”》

The whole report as follows:

Recently, Honghui Wei who is the general manager of Jiangsu HaoYu Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. Has told journalist that “3D printing isn’t common .You just need to lead in model in the software software and you can print any 3D products you want.”

When referring to “Printing”technology,common consumers always think of shops printing document.Put paper into printer,then you can print words or pictures.However, 3D printing means that 3D products.In the exhibition room of Jiangsu HaoYu Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.,Mr Wei pointed 3D printers and 3D printing pens,introducing them to journalists,“As long as it can be designed by 3D software,you can print it by printer without considering the common manufacture technique .”

Compared with the traditional and complex common manufacture technique of making products,3D printing only needs to design model in software and then print.Products are hollow and can save a lot of materials.Mr Wei told journalist that traditional products making should make mould firstly, you need to modify mould if entity isn’t suitable.It cost more time and money.

Mr Wei has researched and made the first desktop-level MyRiWell 3D printer since company founded in 2013.Make the value of almost one hundred thousand change into over three thousand.These printers are in square and the appearance just like microwave oven.Mr Wei said“Innovated、researched and developed independently,we had intelligence property independently.The whole design、integrated circuit and key software were applied for national patents. ”In the process of sales,Mr Wei found that although products sold well ,customers needed technician to instruct how to repair after purchasing if they had problems in technology.“After-sales service cost a lot of money and customers needed specially training and hard to use products.”

Expensive price and high-tech technology make 3D printing technology look far away from us.In order to explore market and increase market share,Mr Wei improved the printer.“I took down the nozzle of printer and made the printing pen hold in hand.It was easier for operating and had the lower price.Customers could have the pen only between over one hundred and five or six hundred”Mr Wei said.

Honghui Wei who comes from Zhejiang.He had business in making mould and knew the hardness in making mould industry.“No matter how small a  part,it needed to make mould and the process was complex.”Mr Wei found that from part to human organ and house they can be printed.“It innovated in technology and thoughts.”

In order to adapt to market demand.Jiangsu HaoYu researched、 developed and improved the relevant technology.On the official website of State Intellectual Property Office,you can check 137 patents of the company and registered almost 60 trademarks.Technology is core productivity.With these patents,Mr Wei will have farther and farther down the road of 3D printing.

For the future development,Mr Wei said company was researching and developing new products --colorful 3D printing pen.This kind of printing pen doesn’t need to change filaments in different colors.We predicted that this technology can bring down colorful 3D printers from hundreds of thousands to thousands.


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