Honghui Wei, the General Manager of MyRiWell Technology : Make 3D Products be Warmth of Charity

        “There is no special reason,I just want to help children in need”,replied to journalist by Honghui Wei, the general manager of Jiangsu HaoYu Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd and MyRiWell Technology,when asked why does charity for over ten years. 

         Honghui Wei,a young entrepreneur comes from Zhejiang,working nearly twenty years in Jiangsu.He did temporary worker,sold switch and plug.Over ten years ago,he found himself company--Plastics made factory with saving in ten years.“I knew policy in Jurong for attracting business is good from friends by accidence and I had fund. I thought I could try”. 

         Although there were many problems, business was going up with the help of Jurong government.It provided more changes for jobs for local people.Compared with others sold metals.Honghui Wei made a first success for having this factory with good future,although it had small scale and benefits.However,Mr Wei had another goals.“21st century is for technology.Plastics factory just can save base living,but if it isn’t connected with technology,factory can’t develop in the future”. With dream of technology and innovation,Mr Wei started again.He visited and learned at home and abroad,looking for new technology can be connected with plastics factory.Everything comes to him who waits.In the beginning of 2013,Mr Wei knew 3D printing at first time. He had courage to start in 3D printing.

         He took out all of his savings and employ many people.He consulted with Jurong Development Area for location for factory with 3D printing of researching and developing and producing. In November,Jiangsu Haoyu Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd was found.Jiangsu HaoYu has become a professional and high-tech company with researching and developing,producing and selling,serving for 3D printer and printing pens since 3 or 4 years.The second generation printing pen has been in hot sale,but company can’t stop and develop electronic parking number machine and the third generation printing pen.At present,company researches and develops the fourth generation and simple type printing pens,they both have national patents. Company sets up the myriwell series products and they are recognized by peers at home and abroad.The company takes in 70% market share in the world.

         At present,whatever products or the level of technology,they are all the leadership in the world.For example,we research and develop myriwell 3D printing pen,it is equipped with function of adjusting motion sensing.There is no company can did,but we do it.Same kind of products have the technology of our second printing pen ”,when talking about products and technology,Mr Wei is very proud.

        Honghui Wei successe to start business,but Mr Wei also has many stories as a man does charity.

        Mr Wei did charity when he took part in work after graduating.He donated money to over hundreds of poor students in nearly 20 years.When the company set up in Jurong,he donated to four children in Houbai town in the long-term.Not only did every child can have in the range of 2000 to 5000 in every year,but also communicated with their parents to know condition of studying.When it is in holiday,Mr Wei takes the children with his own children outside for playing and communication.Some of them finish studying,some of them remain study.

           Success of 3D printing pen,making Mr Wei feel technology can change life and change the way of donating.He pays more attention to donate technology to poor students.In 2015,Mr Wei contacts with Kekedalazhenjiang ShuangYu Middle School that Zhenjiang supports Xinjiang.

        Before the day of National Day,Mr Wei knew Nanjing Daily organized the activity of helping to western area of China.Mr Wei let the company purchase a 3D printer to donate to local school.When he knew the goal of this activity,he donated 30 pieces of 3D printing pens. 

        “I am from poor area and I know knowledge can change life.So I made the following two principles on the date of starting business.Firstly,I must help children in need;secondly,I make products have the meaning and value of charity”,said by Mr Wei.Next step,he will do more charity besides the main business of company,making Jiangsu HaoYu which locates in Jurong Fuda Pioneer Park become a warm company.

Reported by Nanjing Daily


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