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What did MyRiWell Technology do in 2017!

        Yesterday was 1st January,2018,which means that 2017 has been away from us.Now,come with me to look back on MyRiWell Technology in 2017.Whatever moods do we have.There is no denying that 2017 is meaningful and productive to MyRiWell.

          MyRiWell produced the first wireless inductive charging 3D printing pen in the world(Rp-200B) in 2006.MyRiWell in 2017 was as goog as 2016.In March,MyRiWell engaged the famous film star--Ke Hu to be ambassador of 3D printing pen!It even produced the first and simple 3D printing pen in high cost performance (Rp-200A).Set up the first MyRiWell official shop in Huaqiangbei Shenzhen in the world.

Ku Hu signed contract in March,2017

The first MyRiWell official shop in Huaqiangbei Shenzhen in the world

Produce 3D printing pen(Rp-200A) in March,2017

       MyRiWell is going up with time as time goes by!MyRiWell produced 3D hot melt glue pen(RS-100A)!The pen can meet glue in daily life and requirement of DIY and 3D for children.Especially,filament is very cheap.Next,produced 3D printing pen(Rp-300A) which can touch and draw by one button and can adjust speed inductively.

Its for 3D hot melt glue pen in October in 2017 in Canton Fair

Rp-300A in Canton Fair

DIY 3D printer in Canton Fair

      From end of September to beginning of October,MyRiWell 3D printing lesson took class in JurongShixiao、Jurong Kaifaqu Primary School、Jurong Kaifaqu Kindergarten.It avoided limitation of traditional art lesson and could make students draw at liberty.Children liked this special science experience.3D printing lesson can make children learn new technology and develop imagination of 3D space and innovation,making their childhood happier.

Its 3D printing lesson in Jurong Shixiao in 2017

DIY 3D printer in Chuangke class in Jurong Shixiao

3D hot melt glue pen in handmade class in Jurong Kaifaqu Kindergarten

3D printing lesson in Jurong Kaifaqu Primary School

       New year is coming,we believe in 2018,MyRiWell will innovate and work hard in a better condition、attitude、energy!MyRiWell produces more and new products in 2018!


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