Make heart and heart be closer and love will be continuous.

        “How far is Kekedala?”Somebody asked me yesterday.“It’s very far and 4290km and it is close because heart is near to heart,”I replied.

         Honghui Wei,The chairman of RiWell made an appointment with Kekedala Middle School in Xinjiang.In 2015,Mr Wei went to Kekedala Zhenjiang Middle School in Xinjiang,taking a love、funny and scientific 3D printing lesson for children.He also brought 3D printer and 3D printing pens.He inspired them of hardworking. 

He went to Kekedala in 2015.Today,love is continuous for a long time.

Many thanksgiving letter are represent for children’s thanks.We feel very proud for it.

This is inherit for love. 

We also thank for sending special local product.It is sweet.

          Mr Wei took in  place in 3D printing field with his company.However,He says himself isn’t in the fist or second line for researching education.He stands in the third line to watch、observe and thinking for education.

He did many things and never wanted to be paid off,but he had many thanks.

Mr Wei stands with student he donated.

        Everything is valuable with looking prizes on the wall.In the opinion of Mr Wei,the civilization of society is connected with quality of citizens closely.At the same time,a man’s kindness is connected with his life and work and every decision he made in every day.
Let’s make the love be continuous forever.


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