Biography for North Draft -- MyRiWell 3D Printing Pen

 Everyone has dream in this world.Whatever the dream is big or small,it is the most lofty for everyone.

       It is certain that MyRiWell has a dream of innovation.That is making good 3D printing products and more users will experience 3D printing by MyRiWell 3D printing pens.This dream is the fundamental base for inspiring MyRiWell of keeping going.It is built in Beijing successfully after north drafting.

MyRiWell cooperated with The South Pole Bear

The first MyRiWell agency set up in Beijing!

We have to say our image ambassador --Ke Hu,she is very beautiful.

Each type of MyRiWell 3D products and new type of 3D hot melt glue pen(RS-100A) 

and 3D motion sensing pen(RP-100A).Each type has high appearance.

                      Besides high appearance,MyRiWell 3D printing pen is focused on applying in education.It avoids the limitation of traditional art lesson,making the space for imagination at liberty,bringing wonderful science experience to attract children.MyRiWell 3D printing pen not only can let children learn new technology,but also develop their 3D imagination and idea of innovation,making they happier in childhood.


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