What Is High-tech of“3D Printing Pen Modifies Human Thought”

What Is High-tech of“3D Printing Pen Modifies Human Thought”


            Not long ago,South Pole Bear Evaluating Center evaluates hot melt glue 3D printing pen from MyRiWell which is a leader in the 3D printing pen in China,we believe many people had a deep impression on it.

            Recently,South Pole Bear have had information from MyRiWell,a new type of 3D printing pen named “ifeel motion sensing interaction”researched、developed and came into the market successfully. 

            3D technology is high-tech and what is ifeel motion sensing interaction?We believe many people are curious about this type of products.Now,let’s know this product with evaluation from South Pole Bear.


           A good product must have its design and life.The design of hot melt glue 3D printing pen is “Go back to faith”.The design of “ifeel motion sensing interaction”must be simple.

          Simplicity means intelligent touch、draw with a button、adjust speed inductively、control temperature automatically.Simplify your operation、complex button,making your enjoy drawing.

              South Pole Bear has evaluated many 3D printing pens recently,but there exists the following problem.It reduces fun of using 3D printing pens by operations for adjusting temperature、speed and loading and unloading filament.On the one side,button diverts user’s attention;on the other side,it also affects the way and speed of pen,affecting the finally effect.

           If new product of MyRiWell can solve the problem of using 3D printing pen?Let’s have a look.

1. Packaging and parts

          Ke Hu is the ambassador of this printing pen.She attracts lots of attention for the identity of Anji’s mother,and known for “Civil Mother”.She is image ambassador of MyRiWell after signing the contract.The main consuming target of MyRiWell 3D printing pen is child and teenagers.The identity of Ke Hu is very suitable for MyRiWell.


   It strengthens vitality and energy,reducing the mystery of high-tech“3D printing”with the cyan packaging and the beauty of Ke Hu.People will like it very much.It’s true that the value of product is based on design of packaging.

        You can find many parts in the little box when you open it,including motion sensing printing pen、PCL filament、back-clip power bank、charging wire、instructions、a knife can cut filament(nail clipper) and a hanging decoration.It provides almost all tools when drawing.It’s good for users.

Let’s introduce each part.

        Let’s have a look on filament for this motion sensing pen at first.Different from PLA and ABS used by common 3D printing pen and hot melt glue stick used by hot melt glue pen.This motion sensing 3D printing pen uses PCL filament.

      What is peculiarity of PCL? The biggest peculiarity of it is low temperature.You can print between 80℃ to 100℃.However,temperature for common filament is between 180℃to 250℃.Therefore,it can improve the safety of 3D printing pen because of low printing temperature.Besides,PCL is soft、environmental-friendly and non-poisonous.The length of each filament is only 25cm,so it’s easy to change colors.

          There are two ways to use this 3D printing pen.One is connected with back-clip power bank from parts without connecting to electricity.Back-clip power bank is equal to battery can be charged repeatedly.

         The other way is connected with charging wire.Its drawback is limiting the using range and not easy for drawing.Its advantage is never worrying about no electricity.

         However,there is no power adapter in parts.We have to prepare it by ourselves.Just common power adapter can meet requirements.

2.Authentication and warranty

        It is as the same good as before with authentication and warranty from MyRiWell.We introduced it when we introduced evaluating hot melt glue 3D printing pen.

        You need to register for authentication before using.MyRiWell provides authentication for true and good after-sales service.You just need to fill in verification code on the pen body.If the pen is true and you can enjoy after-sales service and exclusive sources from MyRiWell.

         This is registered product from MyRiWell.We can inquiry our warranty of 3D printing pen.We also can share ideas and take part in integral activities.

3.Appearance and structure

          How does MyRiWell make this 3D printing pen that can adjust speed inductively and control temperature automatically?Let’s find out its peculiarity of appearance and structure.

          The following is inserting another use feeling.

          The whole pen body is very small and light.If printing pen is compared with rare weapons,hot melt glue 3D printing pen evaluated by South Pole Bear is heavy sword of Guo Yang.This motion sensing 3D printing pen is iron hook of Cuishan Zhang.Diameter of pen body is only 16mm,weight is only 31g.It is as big as a common pen.You can hardly imagine little pen body has the newest technology of MyRiWell.

          If you think it’s just a common pen.MyRiWell logo on the pen body shows the pen isn’t simple.

         Trade mark on the pen body shows information of power adapter and suitable filament of this motion sensing 3D printing pen.

         The nib uses ceramic nozzle can resist wear and thermal insulation,ensuring the safety of users and especially children.What’s the temperature of the nib? The exact touching feeling is that you can feel it is hot ,but you can’t scald.End of pen body is loading wire hole and USB interface.This location also can connect to electricity and put filament.

              Maybe you are curious about why there is no button on this motion sensing printing pen,because there are adjusting speed button、controlling temperature button and on-off button on the other 3D printing pens? This is an innovation from MyRiWell.Touch bu one-button can reduce the cost of learning how to use.

Let’s learn how to use motion sensing 3D printing pen from video.


           The cover of this 3D printing pen can be taken down.When we take down the green pen cover.You can see the pen structure clearly.Sensor can feel speed of user. It can calculate motor speed by algorithm to control speed of loading wire.The faster of using pen,the faster of loading wire, The slower of using pen,the slower of loading wire.It is amazing.There is a especially hole for cleaning waste,avoiding to block.

4.Using experience

Firstly,this is an elephant created by motion sensing pen.It is fun to do that!

         I can’t create it with imagination.“Watermelon Tree”which is official WeChat for MyRiWell,provides a lot of video course for 3D printing pen.You are interested in learning.

The following is the feeling of using.

        Firstly,this printing pen unifies many innovation such as touch by one-button、control temperature automatically、adjust speed inductively.We have different feeling.You don’t need to any extra operation except changing filament.It is just like drawing with pen.Other obvious feeling is that this printing pen is very light,not as heavy as before.It is important for little children that use ceramic nozzle is safer without scalding fingers.It is value to introduce PCL.This kind of filament is soft so that the pattern printed can’t break off easily.It has no smell when it melts.It is environmental-friendly.Printing temperature is 80℃ and meets requirement of printing in low temperature.So it can’t have risk of blocking.

        Let’s find its disadvantages.Firstly,this motion sensing 3D printing pen is not very sensitive.Sometimes,you accelerate pen’s speed,but the speed of loading wire doesn’t accelerate.You reduce the pen’s speed,but it doesn’t reduce speed.It delays and isn’t sensitive to small changing of speed.Of course,it’s normal for a new technology has some disadvantages,We wish MyRiWell can do better and innovate,perfect the function of controlling speed inductively.The second disadvantage is the cover can be taken down.The pen body will be out when charging in hand.This design can be better.

5.Evaluate and summary


1.It is easy to learn and reduce cost of learning with touching in one-button.

2.The loading wire speed can be adjusted inductively according to pen speed,you don’t need to adjust in hand.

3.You can draw at liberty because it is light and small.

4.It is suitable and safer for little children to use for printing in low temperature and controlling speed automatically.

5.PCL filament is environmental-friendly and soft.It can print in low temperature and can’t block.It is also easy to change filament.

6.MyRiWell improves good after-sales and warranty service.


1.Function of controlling speed inductively isn’t sensitive。It is obvious for finding delaying.It can’t live up to the best.

2.It is perfect to improve the taken-down cover of printing pen.


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