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Common Drawing Pen? Sorry,It’s Generation for MYRIWELL 3D Printing Pens!

Do you remember what it is ? I introduced before,this is MyRiWell 3D printing pen(RP-300A).Today,I will show you a magic video.Let’s have a look.

MyRiWell 3D printing pens(RP-300A) can draw in the air directly.It is based on 3D printing and presses hot melt PCL filament.It can cool quickly and in stable state.It can turn 2D scene into 3D.

MyRiWell 3D printing pens(RP-300A) simplifies button.There is only an inductive button on the pen body.It unifies loading and unloading wire button and has simple operation.The design of appearance uses theory of human engineering so that children can use in the most comfortable gesture.Figures can’t be tired for long time using.

PCL filament which is in low temperature and biodegradable material.The melting point of PCL is 80℃.The temperature of MyRiWell 3D printing pen(RP-300A) nib is as low as 30 - 40℃.It can’t do harm to children.

MyRiWell 3D printing pen(RP-300A) can’t connected with power line.It is different from 3D printing pens in the market.It uses back-clip power bank.It can add to safety for children.It is equipped with funny paper.Children who use it at first time can imitate.They can liberate imagination when they are familiar to pens.Make imagination reality.

It can’t exists safe problems with MyRiWell 3D printing pens(RP-300A) and liberates children’s imagination.


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