What do you send for the Spring Festival gift? Send the Myriwell 3D printing pen!

Old and new,

Spring brings better flowers.

Joy and well-being, is everyone's blessing to "spring".

It is the original intention of giving gifts.

So, New Year's gift, are you ready?

Before you know it, the Spring Festival is coming. I believe many people are preparing for New Year's gifts.So, send something different this year -- the Myriwell 3D printing pen!Let's take a look at it now!

Myriwell 3 d printing pen (RP - 300A) rejected the traditional 3d printing complex feeling of key design increases the body design, one touch key, inductive speed control, great friend of children can be more intelligent and more convenient to operate, let users achieve the best creative experience!

The old language has a cloud: "thousands of miles send goose feather, courtesy light affection heavy."

Everyone wants to be good at giving a gift, so the Myriwell 3D hot-melt adhesive pen (RS-100A) tells you what you're  choosing right not choosing expensive!

This is a not only meet the demands of the family daily repair glue, and can meet the needs of children DIY and 3d creation, the key is the required consumables 3 D magic products are cheap , home with it, life is more convenient!

In addition, we have other various Myriwell 3 d printing pens you choose - the world's first 3 d printing high cost performance price concise style Myriwell pen (RP - 200 A), wireless charging can be 3 d printing, safe and simple Mywiwell pen (RP - 200B), the world's most thin metal pen body 3d printing pen USB powered Myriwell(RP -100C)...

Let's enjoy the fun of Myriwell 3D printing products during the holidays!

"Pen" who can play ?

I can play best!

In the sound of firecrackers, the spring breeze sends warm

Thousands of families, on the day of the day, always replace the new peaches with the old ones.

We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!


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