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MyRiwell makes the 3D printer in China from copying.

3D printers used were from the main brand “MakerBot” made in America and others homemade copied from “MakerBot” all the time.However, MyRiwell decided to take the road of independent research and development in the beginning. The company used the experience in the 3D printing area from 2006 and invested great money to organize the technological team for research. This made big breakthroughs in the end of 2012 and researched the lowest price domestic printing products by FDM technology.MyRiwell didn’t marketed the immature products after successful research.Products tested a lot of experiences and improved the design of software and hardware to make them be close to being mature. Products that designed and exploited independently of the appearance and structure, electronic circuits,electronic procedures and operations marketed in May,2013. They became the first 3D printers had independent intelligence property and made the 3D printers in China not copy any more!

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