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Since researched and developed the world’s first desktop-level 3D printers, Jiangsu HaoYu Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd has researched and developed the small and light 3D printing pens which changed the disadvantages of thickness,heavy weight,operation by people,making it be more humanization and maneuverability and suitable for all ages.3D printing pens have been a new listing kind of printing products in recent years that being welcomed by Europeans and Americans. However, this kind of products existed the problems of thick pen,heavy weight,big bulk and hard to be operated that made user tired.In order to overcome the shortcomings, our company invested over 200,000 RMB to research and develop the new 3D printing pens which are similar to common ball-point pens last year. It succeed in December last year. The new 3D printing pens use the principle of the melt deposition molding. Use this kind of pens to make a real frame only in ten minutes. The 3D printing pens are melting in the pens and spewing out from the nozzle. Use colors what you want.The total number of producing 3D printing pens is about 500,000 in a year and the annual output value is predicated about 75 million. This kind of pens are suitable for drawers,producers, lovers of interest,children,students and others in many fields.We are finding dealers in the whole world and welcome to our company for consultation.

We are finding distribution brokers in global and welcoming each of agents come to our company for interview.

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