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Why do we need parking plate?

I believe you are always have the following problems: When you are outside, you can’t find the parking lot and maybe take up the road, impeding the traffic. However, MyRiwell electronic parking number plate can avoid the trouble.

The new electronic parking number plate produced by Jiangsu HaoYu Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd has the following characteristics:

1.The shell used the strong engineering plastic and press the high temperature and pressure. It is environmental and harmless.

2.It has intelligent photosensitive parts and it will extinguish at daytime and light at light, making you feel easy.

3.It is the only one product used the highlight PC screen in the market.

4.Telephone numbers are secrets for people, the size of the MyRiwell’s electronic number plate calculated by experience. It is hard to let out the personal secret and easy for looking.

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